Although they do look cool under a UV light and is suitable for those who want a tattoo without the social consequences, the ingredients used for a UV tattoo aren’t 100% safe. There has been reported numerous cases of skin rashes, blisters and infection. These is some concern that they may contribute to cancer because they contain phosphorous.  (Source & More Information)


Lore based off of the Popular Horror Game Five Nights at Freddy’s put into Audio Drama Form by GoldC01n and previously posted to tumblr

Freddy - MrCreepyPasta

Bonnie -CreepyPastaJr

Chica - KittenReadsHorror

Foxy - WellHeyProductions

Little Girl - DeadJosey

Mother - CreepyRainbowPasta

Manager - LitterbotTells

Gordon - Hootey of Vinesauce

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If you’re not doing anything right now or if you’re just scrolling through Tumblr, please stop and watch this right now. 

This is an entry from The Marble Hornets youtube “documentary”, and it is probably the most spine chilling/spine tingling thing you’ll ever watch. This wont give away any spoilers, but I think that the introduction video and first few videos to the series aren’t engaging enough to keep people attached to it until after the first 10 episodes. Like many good shows, it wont pick up until you go through a bit of episodes; but this shows you a bit of the gift you’ll receive from watching the series.

This is the realist thing you’ll ever witness and it will keep you up at night. If you’re scared too easily then do not watch these videos at night. These are much more fun and thrilling with friends, but 20 times scarier alone. (If you want to live through a good night, then I encourage you to not watch this alone in a dark room.)

If you want to know more about this series please read further down from here: 

Marble Hornets is a series 4-5 years in the making. It is about Jay, the protagonist, who finds his old friend’svideo tapes from when they were recording a college film called “The Marble Hornets”. Given these tapes by his friend - Alex - to burn, Jay forgets them in the attic until one day he rediscovers them. Buried within these tapes are the secrets as to why Alex went missing, what happened to the film, and a mystery that will forever change his life - and haunt him for the days to come. Each big realization as to what happened brings him more tapes and clues, leading him to learn that some people are not who they seem. With 2 masked men watching him, a tall faceless man stalking every character from the series, and a constant amount of memory loss, these videos are going to keep you up all night long (no joke, I am dead serious).

If you want to know how real this stuff is, he only posts videos once a month - most of the time. This corresponds to the time it actually takes in the series to find new clues and tape them, making everything seem real (If it isn’t. There is literally no indication as to if this is really going on or if it’s a hoax). Here’s a little hint to breathe life into the amount of realism these entries show. A while back ago everyone thought that the gig was up because no video had been posted for 8 months. When a video came out, everything was confusing. The protagonist had woken up in a random hotel and knew nothing - only a locked safe in his room. It turned out that in the series Jay, the protagonist, lost his memory - for a span of 8 months. I’m not making this up, you can check the series for yourself. That is how real this series makes itself feel.

If you’ve read this far into my description, good for you. But now, go watch the series…


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